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Asthma clinical trials at UC Davis
2 research studies open to eligible people

  • Home Visits For Medical and Educational Success Among Sacramento Schoolchildren With Asthma

    “Does your child miss school because of his/her asthma? We hope to share tools to address your child’s health and improve school attendance.”

    open to eligible people ages 5-12

    This study will establish a multi-disciplinary home visitation team consisting of a medical provider and school teacher or staff member, and will evaluate whether a series of visits from this team will help decrease school absenteeism among children with asthma.

    Sacramento, California

  • Using Breath Elements to Determine Specific Virus Infection in Asthmatic Patients

    open to eligible people ages 12 years and up

    Respiratory virus infections cause a majority of asthma exacerbations in the fall to spring months. Current diagnostic platforms for respiratory viruses have limitations including cost, availability, and invasiveness. The use of noninvasive breath collection to analyze breath metabolites may be used to differentiate virus-infected asthmatics from other causes of acute asthma exacerbations.

    Sacramento, California

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