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Contraception clinical trials at UC Davis

2 research studies open to eligible people

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  • Join a research study of a potential new form of birth control

    “Help us understand if an investigational vaginal ring is safe and effective in preventing pregnancy”

    open to eligible females ages 18-35

    This will be a multi-site, open-label, randomized clinical trial. The investigators will randomize 300 eligible participants in a 1:1 ratio to two different treatment regimens that are to be followed when using a contraceptive vaginal ring delivering a daily dose of Nestorone® and estradiol (NES-E2 CVR).

    Sacramento, California and other locations

  • Need Emergency Contraception? Participate in a research study.

    “We want to find out which morning-after pill is most effective in women who weigh 176 pounds or more”

    open to eligible females ages 18-40

    The proposed research study is a Phase IIb, multi-center, single-blind, randomized study of UPA 30 mg, LNG 1.5 mg and LNG 3.0 mg to evaluate EC effectiveness in women with weight ≥ 80 kg who present within 72 hours of unprotected intercourse.

    Sacramento, California and other locations