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Paresis clinical trials at UC Davis

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  • Plantarflexor PAS - Stroke

    open to eligible people ages 18 years and up

    The current project investigates a method called paired associative stimulation (PAS) which is known to influence nervous system function through a process called neuroplasticity. Here the investigators will target function of the ankle plantarflexor muscles because they are critically important to walking. The investigators will study adults who have walking dysfunction resulting from stroke. The study will test three ways of delivering PAS targeted towards brain-muscle connections serving the ankle plantarflexors. The overall goal is to improve functioning of the plantarflexors. The investigators believe that improving plantarflexor function will increase the likelihood of positive effects from gait retraining programs for people post-stroke. Participants will experience all three PAS methods in separate sessions. The investigators will compare differences in the size of these effects to identify the optimal method for delivery of PAS to the ankle plantarflexors. This study is a preliminary step to help us design a better clinical trial of combined PAS and gait retraining.

    Martinez, California

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